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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Travel Guide

Fort Lauderdale is a principal city of South Florida and it is about one hour drive north of Miami. Its extensive canal system and Rivers and connect the Everglades with the Atlantic Ocean. When you are here, it is easy to lose track due to its slow pace. Enjoy fine dining along the ocean, wide sandy beaches, river cruising, and exploring subtropical parks and gardens. Friends of mine who own Performance Chiropractic + Sports Rehab in Edmonton loved their recent trip down south as it gave them a chance to unwind. Fort Lauderdale offers its visitors a great mix of waterfront entertainment thanks to its year-round sunshine.

Fort Lauderdale locals are known for their laid-back attitude unlike their southern neighbors in Miami. What used to be a spring break center for partying college students is now an upscale resort city. Since it is a sunshine state, you will see plenty of people who have migrated from the colder states to enjoy winter on the beach. Showy cars and posh hotels flash up the promenade and luxury yachts line the marina, thanks to this yearly tourism influx.

Las Olas Boulevard

Explore the banks of the New River downtown or browse the boutique shops in Las Olas Boulevard after breakfast along the river. For more than 5,000 years, these waters have provided natural resources for European and Native Americans settlers. Fort Lauderdale got its name from the fortifications built to fight off Indian warriors in 1838. After peaceful negotiations between The Seminole settlers and tribes in 1911, this city was incorporated. The old post office and trading house were built by the city’s founder Frank Stranahan.

Museum of Discovery and Science

At the Museum of discovery and science, the kinetic clock ticks away the minutes while you venture inside to learn about the wildlife, local ecosystems, and weather including reef fish and sharks. This reef can be found about half a mile off the shore far away from the local anglers.

Sunrise Boulevard

The day evolves around sunbathing and cruising for many tourists in Fort Lauderdale. Walk to Sunrise Boulevard to find some great bars and public beaches. There are lush retreats such as the bonnet Gardens and Birch State Park a bit further along the coast. The coastal highlights extend well beyond the Deerfield Beach, the city limits, Fishing Pier. Just nearby you can live like a star in Mizner Park among the artistic amphitheater, Spanish-style stucco restaurants, upscale galleries, and pretty fountains.

Butterfly World

Another must-see attraction in Fort Lauderdale is the tropical paradise of Butterfly World. This place is the result of a local man’s hobby that has now gone wild. With its historic waterfront, sun, and sand, Fort Lauderdale is a destination that will have you relaxed in no time.