Florence Travel Guide – Top Tourist Attractions

As the birthplace of the Renaissance in Italy, Florence is considered being an open-air Museum. So expect to be dazzled by this city’s beauty. This article will try to present you with the basic information every first-time tourist needs to know about Florence.

The Best Time to Visit

To get started let’s talk about the best time to visit the city. Unlike many other cities in Europe, I believe that winter actually might be a great time for your visit to Florence. While most tourists in Florence are there to visit its amazing museums and galleries, so if you are already planning on an indoor vacation why not do it during the winter when the lines are shorter and the prices are cheaper. This is just a thought you might as well consider

The main attractions and landmarks of the city

The two most famous attractions in the city are the Uffizi gallery where you can see the famous painting of the birth of Venice by Botticelli and the Accademia gallery which is home for Michelangelo’s David. There are a couple of other great museums in the city like the Bartok cello museum which has an amazing collection of sculptures by artists like Michelangelo and Donatello.

If you are passionate about art and culture, museums are not the only place you should explore in the city. Other sites which you must visit include the famous Duomo or as it should be called the Santa Maria del Fiore. This amazing Cathedral with its beautiful dome became the city’s most recognizable symbol.

How about climbing to the top of the dome? There are only 464 steps standing between you and the splendid views of the city. Another famous symbol of the city is the point of Vecchio, the old bridge which is the city’s only bridge to have survived World War II. If you are looking to see the Statue of David without the long lines, pop over to Palacio Vecchio and see a replica of the famous statue situated left to the main door.

With all the beautiful landmarks which glimpse at you from every corner of the street, it is necessary I mention the Stendhal syndrome otherwise known as the Florence syndrome. In case you haven’t heard of it, the syndrome describes the physical reactions visitors to Florence might experience and the reason for the syndrome – the splendid beauty of the city. This city is so beautiful one could become overwhelmed by its architectural gems and its magnificent Florentine art resulting in feeling dizziness, rapid heartbeats, giddiness, confusion, and even fainting.


The Florentine cuisine is based on the Tuscan food as Florence is situated near Tuscany yet can only be described as absolutely delicious yet simple and unpretentious. Florence is a haven for food and wine lovers so why not buy some products as gifts to friends and family back home; they will certainly be grateful.

A word of warning though, I strongly suggest that you avoid some tourist traps in Mercado de San Lorenzo-a name for the off-the-beaten-path locations. Another thing you should know is that prices and restaurants are different if you sit at a table or order it as takeaway so always ask before ordering.

There is so much more to know about Florence its museums and galleries, main attractions and sightseeing, shopping and food. Hopefully, this guide will help plan your next trip.